Maciek (Matthew, Maciej) Chudek

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Professional Consultant

Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada

Prior to 2016 I was a research scientist. I studied how humans evolved a capacity for cultural learning, by using a combination of evolutionary math modelling and cross-cultural psychology experiments. I published quite a few scientific papers, book and encyclopedia chapters, which you can see on my Manuscripts page.

In 2016, I moved to the remote hamlet of Tulita, in Canada's Northwest Territories. There I hunted, fished, built things from wood and provided professional services such as:

  • Grant and proposal writing,
  • Computer tech support,
  • Server management and website design,
  • Statistical analyses,
  • Logistics and scientific support, and
  • I taught a couple of short courses.

I've recently (2019) moved even further north, beyond the arctic circle to Inuvik.


Dr. Maciej Chudek

Po Box 3382

Inuvik, Canada, X0E 0T0

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